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Story highlights from the book stations tour

The book stations tour is a tour into the ideas for book stations and features a number of stories to illustrate parts of the idea.

book stations tour

Madi and books with a history

book stations tour

Molia from the Amazon and pepper books publishing

A story illustrating how pepper books publishing could work for authors worldwide

book stations tour

Bespoke books in five cases

book stations tour

Casey’s bookshop

Casey’s bookshop is the concluding example and story for the book stations tour and tells the story of a bookshop and a town who choose to transform.

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book station specials

pepper books publishing special

An author’s take on tourism

Mia, Spain and tourism is a story which illustrates how pepper book publishing could work for authors, artists and communities

book stations special

Nomads and book stations

reading corner, the universe

Views & stories

from around the universe

The planets of the universe have decided to share some stories and testimonials from their worlds with planet Earth.

Occasionally a new story is added in the hope that these insights and views from around the universe will contribute to the greater health and happiness of Earth’s populations.

For more background on the Views around the universe see the main page we chose for our communications:

Views from around the universe

Stories and narratives

Views from around the universe

The tale of the two frightened villages

Views from around the universe

Trying to sleep, being a tree, youth and ageing

Views from around the universe

What is a strongman — and why?

favicon book stations

Misc stories

The snake, the witch and the mountain

An extended version of the story from book 2/2, travelling, Otaon, an easy town book by Charlie Alice Raya