A town focusing on creating stories

Creativity amplified

Storyland is not a tourist attraction. In fact, visitors might rarely get a chance to spend time in this town.

Foremost Storyland is a town for creators of stories and all services they might need.

Accordingly, a book station in Storyland would focus on providing whatever a writer needs: from post-its and pencils to a printout service, from cartographers to model makers, from illustrators to a patient and loving home audience.

While an author would move to one of the many, very different writing location (something for every taste and requirement), the towners themselves are the caretakers of the town while enjoying (and sometimes probably suffering) the privilege of becoming a vital part in the creative processes of the writers.

For the towners the book station provides all the usual services, but since this would be a rather sprawling town, there might be several book workshops spread across the area.

Storyland, layout

Like in the illustration, the core of the town winds across the land like a river, and from that central stream paths lead to the creative spaces.

At the centre of the town is something like an amphitheatre where authors can test their stories and scenes, not just by reading them but also by having them enacted.


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