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What are towns specials?

Ideas for thriving and inspiring town is an easy town project.

There are over 77 town ideas by now, and each idea adds to rethinking towns in general, asking what could towns be for, what makes a town tick, what makes it alive and a place worth living in?

The first town ideas will be published in 2023, and first snippets for the ideas are presented on the easy town projects website towns and cities international.

Some of the town ideas have overlaps with the ideas for the book stations, and that is why the book stations website introduces some town ideas and illustrates the connections, overlaps and benefits.

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The Hub

The Hub is the idea for an internet within the internet, which could also be used to simplify admin tasks for towners, tourists and patients.

Here towns will be introduced in connection with a special Hub feature such as tools for town admin, education, events or tourism.

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dot. is an idea for a clothing company which empowers creatives, small businesses and the customers.

These towns specials focus on the role dot. could play for the local economy, the local identity, and the well-being of the towners.

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The sex talk

The human sexuality has many positive aspects but also terrible ones.

The sex talk towns specials introduce towns which address both the enjoyable and the destructive aspects of sexuality, taking both the physical and mental health & happiness into account.