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Nomads and book stations

Our world as become very static, and moving from place to place has become a political issue with boarders guarded anxiously.

A network of book stations could provide nomads with places to come to, to work at, to move on from, and to carry their talents to the next book station, to a dot.station or to any of the other stations (to be).

There is no need for rigid employment rules so long as a company is not in the hands of an exploiter. Instead an open door policy can make sure that any nomad can retain their freedom while becoming part of a creative network.

Who is a nomad?

Aren’t we all, deep down? Maybe, maybe not.

The idea of growing up to earn money to buy a house and from then on be confined to said source of income and said house, always felt strange to me. I think we have the potential to enjoy a lot more freedom if we don’t follow a rigid plan of what life should be like.

Being a free person is not for everyone. But for those who feel like exploring, like creating, like being on the move, the life as a nomad has many attractions.

All easy town business ideas take that into account, be it via the simple access to jobs in all businesses, or the idea for the job shaking programme which allows for a secure primary job which can be left frequently to work in a different field before returning to the primary job.

What is good about being a nomad?

Many of our brains are hungry for experiences, for challenges, for something to explore and discover. If we deny our brains that kind of food then we become dull and passive. But new experiences energise.

As a nomad, a person is always on the move, not necessarily physically but always mentally, always on the lookout, always curious. Never quite content with the answer they got.

That is much healthier than being stuck.