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Charlie Alice Raya is available for readings, introductions, and sessions for towns & cities.

Charlie Alice Raya


Charlie Alice Raya is available to read passages from the easy town books, or the dot.story, or Views from around the universe. It might be possible to read from all three if a specific subject is chosen. If you have a specific subject in mind, get in touch and receive suggestions for a reading event.

Reading events can be combined with discussions about subjects mentioned in the reading, and with a section about how the stories came about, about writing and writing decisions, and about the future of the stories.

An event can include a show of the author’s photographic work, and possibly a limited printed edition of the story in question. Also possible would be a special printed edition on a subject which draws from the various publications.

For more on the stories see the following links:

Introductions & discussions

Charlie Alice Raya is available for introductions of the book stations ideas, other easy town business ideas, and discussions about rethinking business practices.

For more see the content of this website, especially Casey’s bookshop and download the book stations tour. On a more general note the page Rethinking business practices on the easy town website can give additional input.


Charlie Alice Raya is available for sessions for towns & cities who are interested in the book stations ideas for their locations and would like to further explore the ideas.

For more see Casey’s bookshop, the fictional story of a town which reinvented itself. Plus take a look at the project’s website: towns and cities international which includes more ideas for towns & cities. And the dot.story has much to offer. Among other subjects, the dot.story illustrates the potential benefits of a dot.station for Edinburgh.

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