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Creativity unearthed

by giving a platform to millions of creators and craftspeople thereby unearthing and amplifying the world’s creative potential.

Global presence

by providing millions of small creators and actors with a framework that gives them access to the global markets plus advocacy, and at the same time relative independence from market volatilities, plus job security.

Powers are balanced

Empowering the dwarfs = reduction of monopolistic powers = broader distribution of income = broader purchasing power & more health = fewer costs in combating poverty & health issues = less dependence on support = fewer conflicts = less damage to the human habitat plus fewer imbalances.

Costs saved

by reducing costs for transport, resources, raw materials, waste management, administration and marketing.

Costs are also reduced by minimising the damage done to people and to the environment.

Waste reduction

by only producing what is sold, buy focusing on compostable materials, and by establishing waste cycles.


Creativity, skills and the sharing of opportunities are rewarded — not exploitation, speculation, market dominance or profiteering.


by working with diverse and balanced teams for every kind of customer.


  • Sharing work opportunities by working with small businesses = redistribution of work = redistribution of income.

  • Sharing ideas by trading in licences.

  • Sharing research & innovations via the umbrella company thereby ensuring that all members of the networks can work in the best possible way.

  • Sharing profits by working with price corridors and profit caps, and by using excess profits to support communities.

Empowering creatives

by providing support, security, presentation, and freedom.

Empowering craftspeople

by employing the core tasks principle which means that the umbrella company takes care of administrative tasks, financial transactions and workflow coordination. This way craftspeople can focus on their core tasks.

Empowering customers

by giving them a voice, a choice, a reconnection and a basis for trust.

A voice by listening to the needs of the customers.

A choice by offering products from around the world.

A reconnection by re-establishing the connection between customer, creator and producer.

A basis for trust by subscribing to the dot.perspectives and dot.principles, which are a statement for the dignity and uniqueness of every human, for the future of the planet, and for a high and durable quality of all products.

The global economy

The global economy is strengthened plus more balanced, more inclusive and more sustainable thanks to these ideas.

quotes book 4/1

No one is going to become super rich with this business model, but it provides ample opportunity for people who want to work independently but agree on a set of principles, such as no exploitation.

As a result communities can generate a stable and diverse income. We tried big business. It didn’t do us any good. and the Hub prove that doing business doesn’t have to be some weird profiteering, it can actually be about building communities, about giving people freedom, about being creative and contributing, about providing what is needed, about treating the human as a human, and not as an asset.

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