book stations and town admin

book stations and town admin

A town administration needs a lot of paper, envelopes, folders, post-its and the like, all of which a book station can produce — and afterwards recycle.

And a town administration needs quite a few things to be printed, which the book station could do.


Because a book station contributes to the welfare of the community and therefore any business run via a book station will benefit the citizens of the town.

Furthermore, the more business a book station has, the more it can be extended with services needed locally.

An example: Toyston

Toyston is the idea for a town that is all about toys and games. This is mirrored in the architecture and town planning (using toys as inspiration for buildings and using layouts inspired by games), in the festivals and other tourist offers, in the many workshops where craftspeople build toys and games, and in the toys and games academy. Many of the citizens in Toyston are directly or indirectly involved in the creation of toys, games or gaming events.

There is a lot of playfulness around, and since most people love being in this town, the town administration can focus on core tasks: ensuring a stable power network, making sure that the water and waste cycles work, and handling the administrative tasks for the tourism branch of the town. The latter includes quite a few flyers, some special maps, tickets. Most of those are available online too, but a lot still gets printed and for that using the book station is ideal.

There could even be something like a bespoke map service for tourists, where a map of the town is completed with the personal additions by the tourist. Or a collection of scorecards from the stay in Toyston could be bound in a little booklet.

The cooperation between the town admin and the book station could be automated to some extent. The book station delivers paper and other products on fixed days, and collects used paper. These deliveries only have to be checked and maybe adjusted every six months or so, and this way the admin teams don’t have to worry about ordering. Plus all paper used will be recycled.


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