Support the book stations ideas

In order to take the next steps for the easy town projects and for book stations worldwide a team is needed, and that team needs a budget to work with.

If you like the book stations idea, please, support it with a donation, or by purchasing a photo print by Charlie Alice Raya, or by joining the easy town projects.

Donate to:
easy town books
Ethik Bank
DE93 8309 4495 0003 46 15 21

reason for transfer: donation for the easy town projects/book stations

And send a note to to receive a receipt // subject: book stations donation

You can take a look at the bigger picture on the easy town ideas website.

What else can you do?

  • Tell your friends and discuss the ideas for book stations.
  • Contact your mayor and get them interested in looking into the idea of having a local book station.
  • Challenge the ideas.
  • Invite Charlie Alice Raya for an introduction of the book stations ideas and a discussion.
  • Add ideas to the ideas.
  • Get in touch to support the projects in any other way.

Write to: