fund-raiser & team wanted

pepper books publishing and book stations worldwide are on the lookout for fund-raisers and a team

I am Charlie Alice Raya, the author of the easy town books and the initiator of the easy town projects.

All projects, including pepper books publishing and book stations worldwide, have reached a stage where more people and finances are needed for the next steps.

While pepper books publishing will become a publisher which cooperates with books stations worldwide, the initial team will work for both. The pepper part is to lay the foundations for the publishing side, and the book stations worldwide part is to set up the first book workshops, and to cooperate with craftspeople, bookshops, festivals and other publishers.

Both will be supported by the project’s future programming team, who will develop a programme fit for the millions of dwarfs approach, which can be used by all companies who work with the dot.model.

This is a lot. But a simple version of pepper book publishing can be set up relatively fast. Besides, it already has the easy town books to offer, and pepper readers can give an indication of where to set up the first book workshops. This in turn is a good basis for planning the book stations worldwide network, including the first book stations.

It’s not going to be easy. That’s why I am looking for people who are prepared to unlearn, to rethink, to test ideas, who are thorough and stubborn enough to try to make things possible.

Since there is hardly any budget at the moment, fund-raising, crowdfunding, applying for EU funds and possibly the sale of vouchers for future products are a priority.

The plan is to set up an initial team for all those projects which are first in line so that all projects can work together closely. There are enough overlaps and synergies to make that phase beneficial for all.

If you love books, if you are interested in giving a multitude of voices a stage, if you are ready to rethink and if you have a bit of a daring sparkle in you, please, get in touch.

You can also get in touch if you would rather join the projects at a later stage or if you would like to contribute to the projects in any other way.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Charlie Alice Raya


Job application

I am not a fan of classical applications. In fact, I would prefer it if you could simply answer the two questions in the application form. Everything else can be discussed and seen later.

Generally speaking, all project teams aim at a balance with regard to gender, origin, age, background and abilities.

Application form

You can also write directly to // subject: potential team member for pepper books publishing/book stations worldwide

job application
Privacy agreement

Authors collaborations

If you are an author who would like to get involved in the set up of pepper books publishing or book stations worldwide, or if you would like to cooperate on a story (see below book projects), please get in touch and write to: // subject: author

Social media

Social media

I have no aptitude for social media though I love the Hub ideas I developed and would probably give it a try again there.

Social with some or without media

It’s a big ask to trust me and apply to join the team. Therefore I am happy to answer questions in person, either via video (I usually use zoom) or via telephone.


Tue, Wed, Thu: 10:00-20:00, Berlin Time (UTC+01:00)
To suggest a day, time and mode write to // subject: talk in person.

Plus, if you live in Berlin, I am happy to meet up in Schöneberg or Kreuzberg: Slumberland, Bilderbuch, Golgatha or the like are fine by me.

book projects

There are quite a few books in the pipeline and more book ideas on a heap of notes. One of the intriguing ideas is to open the easy town story to other writers from around the world. This way an author could, for example, pick an international team, and add a local perspective to rethinking what the town project rethinks, add new questions and further develop characters whose story has only been hinted at, so far.

Which easy town books are published?

  • book 1, beginning
  • book 2/1, travelling
  • book 2/2, travelling
  • dot.story

Which easy town books are in the pipeline?

  • book 3, shaping
  • book 4/1, building
  • books 4/2-12
  • easy town story add-ons
  • 42 towns and counting, several volumes (open for cooperation)
  • Views from around the universe, several volumes (open for cooperation)
  • The light dance story, limited printed edition

Which easy town books are in the ideas stage?

  • Rethinking (open for cooperation)
  • Consequences (open for cooperation)
  • Illustrated guide for the easy town story (open for cooperation)
  • The architecture of Easy Town & co (open for cooperation)
  • Town planning and town ideas (open for cooperation)
  • Coexisting with nature (open for cooperation)
  • About writing
  • On photography
  • Cooking book for authors (open for cooperation)
  • Opening the easy town story to other authors
  • and more

dig deeper

It’s early days and right now fund raising is the big priority. The next step is to set up a simple version of pepper books publishing, and once some financial stability is achieved, book stations worldwide can get started for real.

The following links offer more insights.