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The bespoke books network makes trade in bespoke books very simple for authors and publishers.

The only thing authors and publishers have to do is to contact the network, negotiate their terms and conditions for bespoke book editions, sit back and watch as more and more unique editions of their publications see the light of day.

Case 1

A publisher registers some of its authors on the bespoke books website. So far fifteen authors of this publisher are interested in opening their publications for bespoke editions. Each author has different conditions which are all added in the registration process.

About a week later, the publisher meets with one of the spokespeople for the bespoke books network.

Three of the books are declined. One because of sexist content, the other for the extent of outdated clichés, and the third because the author doesn’t accept any changes to the layout of her book. The latter defeats the objective of giving readers the option for creative input.

The other twelve authors are added to the network, and each book receives a profile so that publisher and author can watch in real time where their publications are printed in bespoke editions.

Case 2

An author loves the idea of bespoke books but her publisher is against joining the network.

Being a bit of a rebel, the author writes a new book, self-publishes it and registers it with the bespoke books network.

It’s a beautiful and powerful story about a woman who constantly gets angry. But then the character finds an unorthodox way to deal with her anger, which gets her into quite a few comic situations. It’s the kind of story that makes you think by making you laugh.

However, while the story sells well, no one seems to want a bespoke edition of that story.

But then our rebel author has an idea. She finds people who struggle with anger and asks each of them to create a bespoke edition of her book, and to add some pages about their own experiences with anger.

The results are great, and our rebel author choses the 24 best extended and personalised editions and sets each to a maximum of 24k copies worldwide.

And that does the trick for several reasons: the books are still limited editions, but due to the high number of copies per edition, and subsequently a higher minimum order volume, the book is less expensive. And due to the added stories by readers, each edition has a personal touch by someone who knows about struggling with anger.

These editions are so successful that other angry people want to create a personalised edition too.

Case 3

An author decides to order two bespoke editions of her book for herself. The first edition is a work edition with a lot of space for notes. This copy she uses as a reference for the upcoming books of her series.

The second edition is her special reading edition and also the one she might show to visitors.

The author can decide whether to keep this edition as her personal unique copy, or whether to open it for reproduction in the bespoke books network.

Case 4

A publisher decides to have a unique single edition of each book they ever published.

It’s partly to impress visitors or aspiring new authors, but it’s also an investment, worth a lot more than a first edition, because these single books are unique.

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