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What is a strongman — and why?

A peek into one of the universe’s discussions

strongman =
He who surrounds himself with weaklings.

Though there is a great argument about this. Some say, the strongman is always weaker than his followers. Which is in line with the old story where some schemers put a weak king on the throne in order to manipulate him.

Some ask why these people bother with a king at all. To which most thinkers role their eyes and say: it’s for the show of things. For the story. The story that some humans are meant to be kings. Which is of course nonsense. It’s just a story. But it’s a story that works well on humans, even after centuries of evidence that kings and queens tend to be rather useless at best, and murderous idiots at worst.

There is the other group of thinkers who argue, that no, while the strongman is weak by nature, he is in fact so weak that he can’t abide anyone in his proximity who shows any sign of strength. Which is why the strongman always makes sure to surround himself with weaker people.

Nevertheless. The people surrounding, supporting and enabling strongmen are one of the big and very popular mysteries in the universe. And even though the universe has been studying planet Earth for decades, it still can’t quite make out why anyone would bring a strongman to power and even keep him/her in power. Strongmen never achieve anything useful. All they do is plunder their nation, and build big armies to bully and plunder other nations.

Some of the most ingenious thinkers point out that alas the human race still hasn’t discovered their own strength. ‘They always think ill of themselves. They even invent machines to prove just how insufficient they are, and they demonstrate that even great arts can be copied by a machine. (Insert a large crowd of shaking heads.)

It is our believe that if humans learned to appreciate themselves, they wouldn’t be in all this trouble.

Some ask, ‘But how does this theory fit in with our observation of deeply ingrained superiority complexes in humans?’
‘It’s the same thing. A need for superiority only arises in the weak. The weak find their strength by belittling others.’

If the human found their balance, they wouldn’t need to be superior.

Views from around the universe

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