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Apart from testing the Millions of Dwarfs Approach for the publishing sector, pepper books publishing will explore other approaches and issues too. This includes:

  • Research sustainable materials
  • Research how a book can be printed in the most sustainable way
  • Research how to let a maximum amount of people benefit from a single product
  • Research how to print as few books as possible, and yet make as many stories as possible available
  • Research how to best build an international network which strengthens local communities
  • Build a books website which is highly adaptable by the user
  • Test price structures and profit caps
  • Work with teams which are balanced with regard to gender, age and origin
  • Test management models
  • Investigate how to avoid bias, arrogance and superiority complexes
  • Research how sexuality affects the publishing sector and work spaces
  • Create work spaces that are healthy
  • Find out how to support authors
  • Research how pepper books publishing offices can be integrated into nature

And pepper books will be part of the bespoke books network.

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