Craftspeople at book stations


As a book station is further extended more spaces for craftspeople can be added.

Anyone working with paper or timber would be a great addition since these craftspeople can use the same raw material suppliers as the book workshops.

Such craftspeople would include a lampshade creator, an instrument builder or a woodworker who specialises in book shelves, writing desks or reading benches.

Another related craft, at least with respect to writing books, would be a pen & pencil maker whose workshop could include a pen recycling area.

With regard to crafts, a book station’s team aims at:

  • providing the local community with the kind of crafts needed in this area
  • supporting cooperation & synergies among the different craftspeople
  • supporting the craftspeople with respect to admin & sales so that they can focus on their work
  • organising a regular farmers’ market where the craftspeople can offer their products
  • and supporting training offers.

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