Coexisting with nature at book stations

Nature plays an essential role at book stations, and one of the research team’s big questions is: How to coexist with nature?

As a consequence, every aspect at a book station will be weighed with regard to its impact on the ecosystem. The aim is to integrate a book station into the natural world.

This will be visible in gardens, both on the ground and on the roofs and terraces. It will be apparent in the extended usage of underground facilities to leave more space to nature. Waste will tend towards zero whenever possible, spaces for animals and wild growth will be integrated, and small windmills and watermills add to the picture.

A book station is alive with trees, bushes, flowers, fruits, vegetables, crops – and animals from fly and bee to horse and deer.

And it is alive with people. Craftspeople and artists work outside, interact with nature, or just enjoy the abundance and inspiration nature provides. Gardeners and farmers work with the land, and locals and visitors take strolls or give a hand.


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