book cycles

book cycles

About 80% of the books I own gather dust, and I am actually too embarrassed to reveal how many of those books I have read.

But I grew up with the notion that having walls full of books is the only right way to live. In fact, my mother advised me as a small child that I should only be friends with children whose parents have a lot of books. Everyone else was not to be trusted.

And I was told that there are unforgivable crimes against books, such as drawing or writing in books, earmarking, throwing away books, or worse burning them.

But what if we shook off those nice sentiments and reintroduced books back into a cycle? At least those books we don’t read any more?

Alternatively, we could take them to a book station, and let those ignored books become new books.

And for the future, pre-books might be a solution to reducing the number of unnecessarily printed books.


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