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It won’t be easy to find a way for bookshops to benefit from bespoke books.

Unless bookshop owners do a bit of a rethink. The biggest advantage a bookshop owner has, is the knowledge about books and readers, and the direct contact with the reader.

If you think about it, a bookshop doesn’t need shelves full of books to sell a book. What the bookshop needs is an atmosphere where the reader feels good and ready to listen to advise on which book to read next, what kind of edition to get and so on.

So what if bookshops would establish something like talking spots where a reader can be advised and where special offers can be presented via a tablet or screen?

In such a case, advising customers about bespoke editions could be part of a bookshop’s service and would qualify the bookshop for a share in the revenue.

Also bookshops and bespoke books workshops could team up and benefit from each other’s expertise. In such a case a number of bespoke books could be on display in the bookshop as examples of what the customer can expect.

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